How it Works

Love INC works as a clearinghouse, a place where those who need can find help and hope using a process developed by our founder, Dr. Virgil Gulker. As a social worker, Dr. Gulker realized that the Body of Christ needed a way to respond to needs in the community, and Love INC was born.

Dr. Gulker’s process is simple: The affiliate office receives a request for help, and it is investigated to review its legitimacy and urgency, as well as the extent of the need. The affiliate office then uses a master list of agencies and volunteers and finds the right place for the person to receive the right help.

The Love INC affiliate office then follows up on the person, building a relationship with him or her to put them on the pathway to self-sufficiency, to make sure the needs are not taken advantage of, and to protect the resources of the volunteers.

There are also seasons Love INC works with churches and agencies to design and develop community programs to meet widespread need or address issues.

Whether it’s five minutes or an entire evening, $5 or a large donation, Love INC focuses on bringing together those in need with the resources to meet that need, big or little.