It’s a God Thing!

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Time after time God meets the needs of people through Love INC partner churches and their members in beautiful ways that leave no doubt that It’s a God Thing!

Recently, Love INC received a donation of oxygen equipment from Paula Havard, the Executive Director of Pregnancy Help Center and a member at Carpenter’s Way Baptist Church, following the death of one of her parents. The equipment consisted of a large oxygen tank, 3 home-fill personal oxygen tanks, and an Invacare oxygen compressor, a total value of over $3,000. Not only is oxygen equipment expensive but tanks must regularly be refilled, which is costly. The oxygen compressor is used to fill the home-fill personal tanks from the larger tank, which eliminates having to have them filled by an oxygen service company.

At Love INC we expected that someone would eventually call with a need for this equipment, but it is not a request we get often. However, within a week we had a call from Brenda Mullin, a young mother with COPD. Brenda could not afford the ongoing cost of oxygen equipment. Jim Myers, Love INC Volunteer Coordinator and Denman Avenue Baptist Church member, facilitated Brenda receiving the donated equipment and getting information on its operation. A regulator was needed for the personal tanks and, when contacted, First Christian Church promptly met that need.

Brenda is very pleased and grateful to have this help. We trust this provision gives her comfort and peace as she awaits further medical treatments; and we praise the Lord because He provided for Brenda’s need before it was made known. It’s His way a God Thing…all the way!

Meeting a need at Love INC begins with a phone call that is answered by a Love INC phone volunteer. Anyone interested in being a volunteer, is encouraged to call 637-6637, Monday – Thursday, 9-3, and Fridays, 9-noon.


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