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During the past couple of months the Piney Woods Apartment Association gathered over 300 winter coats, hats, and gloves and donated them to Love INC in Lufkin and Nacogdoches. In early November, Dianna McClung called Love INC and asked if the coats are needed. Dr. Jerry Spann, Executive Director of Love INC of Lufkin, said they are a blessing Love INC has been praying for. The need for coats is a difficult need to meet because it is seasonal.
The Association has worked hard to lovingly reach out to those in our communities who are struggling. With this very generous donation single moms can get coats for their children; unemployed workers can get coats for themselves and their families; a homeless man, woman, or child can have warmth and comfort. This puts wind in the sails of Love INC.
When asked what a person has to do to qualify for a coat, Dr. Spann said, “All you have to do is call Love INC. When we answer the phone you are qualified. We will do what we can to meet whatever need or crisis you are dealing with. So please call!”
If you need a coat, call Love INC in Lufkin at 936-637-6637 or Love INC Nacogdoches at 936-569-8555.

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